Owners, Alex and Samuel, met in the summer of 2010 to enjoy a lovely sunset and wine at Golden Gardens.  They talked about their lives, aspirations, and their mutual love for wine.  Alex showed up with a bottle of Entre-deux-Mers and Samuel came with a bottle of pinotage.  They were both eager to talk about the wines they had chosen.  At that time, Samuel was living in Woodinville and serving on the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce.  Whenever he had time, he would spend them working with various wineries in the area.  Alex was living in downtown Seattle and discovered that urban wineries were on the rise.  With a background in law and science, Alex spent his days helping companies, including wineries, navigate complex legal issues, and his evenings and weekends working at tasting rooms and learning about the chemistry behind wine-making. 

After years of helping others in the wine industry, as well as tasting (and spitting) lots of wine, Alex and Samuel decided that it was time to turn their expertise and passion into something more.  As a result, Aluel Cellars was born with a passion to bring amazing Washington wines to their own neighborhood of Capitol Hill.  Their love for Washington wines made in the traditional or old-world style is showcased in the wines handcrafted for Aluel Cellars.

Our Name and Logo

Coming up with a name for a new venture is difficult!  We have called our home Aluel Estates (yes, we know, a sappy combination of our names) for years.  We kept tossing around all kinds of ideas for new names, but we always came back to "Aluel Cellars."  After all, Aluel Cellars is about two people with a shared passion for great wines, so it only seems fitting to label our labor of love with a name that represents both of us equally.  When it finally came time to decide on the name, we thought, why reinvent the wheel?

Our logo also carries symbolic meaning.  We wanted something with a modern look and a traditional feel, and thought that the crest you see on our labels captures just that.  When we think of our wines, we see both modern and traditional elements.  New world fruit used to make wines in the old-world style.  Fruit sourced from the vineyards of farm country to make wines here in urban Seattle, Washington.  They each complement the other.

For our crest, we each chose two images that represent something about who we are as individuals.  In fact, we frequently get asked about the meaning behind each of the four symbols.  We invite you to come into the tasting room and get to know us better, so as to discover the meaning behind the symbols we have chosen.


Our Consulting Winemaker

Bart Fawbush was born and raised in Ogden, Utah.  He attended college at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where he studied Biology and Chemistry as a pre-medicine student.  After college, Bart found that he was well-suited in the business world and had a desire to be an entrepreneur.  After working in several financial institutions, he opened a mortgage brokerage in the early 2000's.  This experience proved to be invaluable.  He opened his own winery in 2007 and found that the chemistry he learned from his college days combined with his knowledge of business formed a recipe for success.  He is excited about what the future holds, because each vintage continues to be better than the last.  A laser-like focus and attention-to-detail have led to the creation of outstanding wines at a considerable value.